It all does roll

Do you feel sometimes this weird emptiness ?
When you just gave it everything like reckless
This void, this nothing, the big big black hole
That leaves you stoned and with nothing at all

Sometimes you just have to feel it, feel the void
Before you understand you are part of a whole
Everything flows as it’s meant to, it all does roll
Things are right as they are, give up on control

You need to let go, there is a true peace inside
Look with the eyes you had as an artless child
Suddenly you’ll see your troubles will stay aside
Love, gratitude & compassion will lead the ride

2 réflexions sur “It all does roll

  1. prayag pandya dit :

    I liked all your poems. particularly  » It all does roll ».
    its simple yet very powerful. i like the way you write , it has that flow like river, one like reading it.
    it holds you takes you in.

    in this specific poem, you are addressing emptiness of the person and void which has created…. than you are giving the remedy and in conclusion you are giving it philosophical touch by saying  » You need to let go, there is a true peace inside « …
    Just marvelous!!

    keep it up the good work !!

    Best Regards,

    1. foubz dit :

      Thank you mister! It’s indeed what I tried to express, means a lot to me that you got it and took time to comment 🙂 Thank you!

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